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College Recruiting Pictures

If your Son or Daughter is trying to capture the attention of a College or NCAA recruiter you will need to stand out with high quality photos and video.

Sports Team Photos

For the best High School Sports Team and Individual Sports Photography in South Florida Contact AH360 Photography.

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Don't let Instagram and Facebook downgrade your stunning shots. AH360 knows exactly how to create images that are not compressed by your favorite social media apps.

High School Highlight Videos

Sure, game film on Hudl is a box you have to check off, but it’s the same box every parent and every athlete are checking off around the Country each year.  If you as a High School Athlete, or Parent of a High School Athlete in South Florida, are looking for an edge with College Recruiters, you need a personal Highlight Video of your Son or Daughter by AH360 Photography.

High School Sports Team Photos

For the best Team Photos available in South Florida don’t make the mistake of hiring a commercial outfit that makes your school, or your athletes, just another number.  Our family has years of Youth and Sports Photography experience along with the blessing of watching our own children play sports from grade school to high school, so we understand how valuable these “Memories” truly are.  Contact AH360 today and inquire about a custom sports team photography package for your student-athletes.


Local Sports Photographer

For the best local sports photographer in South Florida, turn to AH360 Photography in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  AH360 uses the best in new photography equipment and gear from 46-megapixel cameras to 500MM lenses for close, crisp, and detailed photos of any High School Sport, Team, And Athlete.  

One of the many benefits you get using AH360 is the attention to detail we bring to your sporting event.  There simply are not many photographers that would take the time to get some quality stock photography or some always fun candid shots (Similar to what you see here on the left).   These are the types of shots a commercial outfit using a student photographer simply cannot or will not provide. 

Photography Provided For These School Sports

High School Sports Photos