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360 Virtual Tours For Luxury Yachts

AH360 Photography is a leader in Yacht Virtual Tours for South Florida Yacht Brokers and Owners offering not only Super High Resolution 360 Photos, but also 360 Video, and 360 Aerial Video!  

Virtual Reality and 360 VR in the Marine industry are about giving people the experience of actually being on your vessel and the opportunity to truly feel the luxury and the detail that lie within, that’s why we shoot our interior photos with a 46 megapixel DSLR in HDR.  This creates a full size photo that contains well over 200 megapixels for accuracy to detail and color (Something Yacht Interior Designers Crave).

92 Foot Viking Yacht Sample Virtual tour (3 Photos)

Below you will find a sample Virtual Tour of a 92 Viking Yacht we shot for Galati Yachts at the 2019 Miami International Yacht Show.

Matterport Vs DSLR For Yacht Virtual Tours

Many of you reading this are going to be super diligent and have spent some time researching exactly what type of Virtual Tour Photographer you need to hire.  At some point during your research you likely came across something called Matterport, a big box that spins around and creates 360 images and a 3d map.  What, exactly, is the difference between using a Matterport and a DSLR?  Well, we could get into specs, but there are 2 differences that stand out in most cases:  

  • Quality
  • Ownership

Matterport image quality is great, but it simply can’t stand up to the DSLR we currently use for our Yacht Virtual Tours, which is the Nikon D850, a 46 megapixel full frame sensor DSLR.  This becomes especially true in low light conditions.  

Yacht Tours For Social Media

But where the DSLR and Matterport truly differentiate themselves is in image ownership and control.  If you have your Yacht Tour taken with Matterport, those images are on the Matterport cloud and you can only use them via a link they provide which you can put on your website as an embedded tour.

But what about Social Media?  What about YouTube?  What about Creating a video from 360 photos?  Sorry, you can’t do that with Matterport photos, but you can with images produced from a DSLR.  We can take our 360 photos and put them on Facebook, Flickr, YouTube, Veer, Roundme, and even create 360 videos for Instagram and Twitter.

Yacht Virtual Tour Pricing

Our Virtual Tour price packages for yachts are actually fairly straight forward.  If we are already on location for stills or videography, it’s $25 per 360 spin.  If we have to travel to your location strictly for the purposes of shooting a Virtual Tour, there will be an additional $150 added on to the entire cost of the project.  As an example:  10 spins on a shoot where we are only shooting a virtual tour would be $400.00.

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