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If you happen to be in the South Florida area looking for amazing car photography, from someone who is actually qualified to be an automotive photographer, you have arrived in the best possible place- AH360 Photography.  Not only because I have decades of training and experience in taking pictures, but because I also have several years under my belt as a licensed Florida Car Dealer.  This means that I can deliver you both exceptional artistic photography for your vehicles, while at the very same time being able to provide standard advertising photography, which are the types of photos commonly used for creating car listings.

Why AH360 Photography?

AH360 Photography doesn’t just “Do” automotive photography, taking pictures of cars is my passion and the launching point for everything I now do to create beautiful imagery. 

What makes AH360 Photo such a great choice for auto photography is that we don’t just fire off a few shots, hand over a disk, and call it a job well done.  Many of our clients are car dealerships, and as such, require not only that our pictures of their cars look great, but that they serve an actual purpose- Selling cars and promoting their brand.

AH360 Automotive Photography Services

At AH360 we certainly go above and beyond standard photography for our clients, whether they be individual car owners or a business that needs to sell cars to the public.  A few services we offer the Automotive Industry of South Florida are:

  • Automotive Photography
  • 360 Virtual Tours Of Vehicles
  • Car Dealership Virtual Tours
  • Business Photography (Photos to showcase your dealership at work)
  • Product Photography (Pictures of cars for vehicle listings) 
  • Real Estate Photography (Photos of your car lot or garage and service center)
  • Aerial/ Drone Photography and Video
  • Private Party Sales Photography (For individuals selling their car online private party)

Professional and Efficient

At AH360 we understand the ins and outs of the Automotive Industry.  Although much of the public can have a skewed view of individuals in the Automotive marketplace, we understand the level of professionalism most businesses bring to the table and when we are on location we always aim to match or beat it.  People at the dealerships often joke with me on photo shoots when I completely shut down my process to allow a customer full access to a vehicle.  I always tell them:  Selling Cars Comes First!  


Car Sharing Photo Service (For Listings)

Car Sharing, or sharing your car with the public (Yes that’s a thing), is becoming mainstream, and for those of you who are already sharing your personal vehicle or who are considering sharing your vehicle, it will be more important than ever that you stand out on the various listing sites such as Turo to maximize your rentals.  Think about it: One of the biggest benefits of sharing over a standard rental agency is the sheer variety of vehicles you have to choose from, so quality is going to matter far more than it would for any typical car rental, and this is where quality automotive pictures come in!  AH360 will come in and shoot your vehicle as it would any car at the largest dealership in town.  You get about 30-40 photos taken with a 46-megapixel full frame camera that will later be optimized for sharing, which is more important than you think!  Because of our unique process and attention to detail, your car is going to POP over any car sharing website out there.

Car Photography Optimized For Mobile

As many of you may know, websites and apps downgrade your car photos to keep their load times fast, but what people don’t realize is that the larger the file the more severe the compression placed on it.  What this means is that if you uploaded two photos of similar vehicles, one large of high-quality, and the other small of lesser quality, most of the time they will either turn out the same or the smaller photo could actually appear more detailed.  These are the types of software changes AH360 Photography stays on top of for car dealers and manufacturers so that you stay on top of the competition!  If there is a change or an update, we will be the first to know about it and you will be the first business in automotive to make the necessary changes.

Competative Pricing

Although there may not be many photographers in Southern Florida that specialize in car photography, that doesn’t mean it’s time to jack up the prices for being the only show in town.  The truth is that we know if we did that than most people, especially dealers, would opt for the budget-friendly option and end up with inferior work, which didn’t end up serving either of our interests

Other Locations Where We Offer Professional Automotive Photography Services

Our base of operations may be Fort Lauderdale, but we have clients all over South Florida.  Below are a list of some other cities/areas we currently service in South Florida:

Automotive Photogaphy Sample Gallery

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