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AH360 Photography proudly serves South Florida From Palm Beach County down to The Florida Keys.  

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Originally inhabited by the Tequesta Indians, Fort Lauderdale was originally that- A Fort.  It wasn’t until Frank Stranahan showed up in 1893 that this amazing City truly began its development.

Today Fort Lauderdale offers any professional photographer a vast array of scenery that can make any photo shoot instantly better and this, fortunately for us, is where AH360 Photography calls home.

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The Town of Palm Beach is actually different from the County of Palm Beach, where it is incorporated.   Separated from the Cities of West Palm Beach and Lake Worth by the Intercoastal Waterway, Palm Beach was actually first known as a resort built by Henry Flagler who was instrumental in creating the Famous Florida East Coast Railway.  It’s true name (Palm Beach) is actually considered to have originated from a shipwreck that sent a cargo of coconuts ashore.  These coconuts later created a coastline full of Palm Trees…

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The City of Miami, like Palm Beach, is often confused with the County of Miami-Dade, but don’t worry, AH360 Photography services all of the Miami Metropolitan Area.  Miami (As a whole) truly is the financial and economic epicenter for all of South Florida and also the county with the largest population in Florida.  What many may not know is that Miami actually has the 3 tallest skyline in the Country with more than 300 high-rises, a characteristic that adds another great dynamic for photographers in the area.  Did you know that as of 2009 Miami was ranked the ranked the Richest City in the Country?  I didn’t!

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