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Did you know that Image Searches account for approximately 30% of all searches performed on Google each month?  If you didn’t that’s perfectly OK, because neither did I, and neither do most people.

Hey everyone, Steve Momot here, Founder and head Photographer at AH360.  Photography has always been a part of my life thanks to my father, a lifelong professional photographer.  

He was certainly old school, having developed his talents during the days of Film (What’s Film?), but he passed on a timeless passion for capturing the world as he saw it through his viewfinder, and along with it an excitement that he had to always share his work and impress anyone who might ever come across it.

Just recently, as I ventured out with a startup businesses Sportfish Hub and Autohitch, the value of everything he taught me about photography, along with my strong entrepreneurial spirit, came together to form AH360, which is actually short for Autohitch 360.

AH360 Photography Launches

Although I have been a photographer my entire life, photography as a business only started with the official launch of AH360 late in 2017 here in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  My first days were actually not spent on regular photography or video in any way, rather, I was focused entirely on 360 Video and 360 Virtual Tours.

360 Photography & Video (Snag)

Yet even as I mastered some of the most innovative ways to create imagery for the Marine and Automotive marketplaces, I still found myself trying to convince potential clients of it’s potential.  So, the idea was simple- Provide a service I knew people wanted (Photography), all be it at a higher quality than they might be accustom to, and while I was on set for the photo shoots, I would take a little extra time for myself to capture my 360 videos and Virtual Tours.  After putting everything together I would provide them to my clients for free and use them for my own promotional purposes.  If no one was willing to take the leap, I would have to bridge the gap!

AH360 Services More Of South Florida

AH360 Gallery

Although we have roots in Automotive Photography, our skill-set, experience, and drive to innovate have brought us clients in the South Florida Marine, Real Estate, and Sports industries.  Soon we will be partnering with a fellow photography agency in Fort Lauderdale to offer interested clients Wedding and Family Photography Services, which is something I am really proud to introduce as a new father myself.

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