White Marlin Open

Below I will be placing photos of Boats and Fishing from the 2019 White Marlin Open in Ocean City, Maryland as taken by me (Steve Momot) of AH360 Photography.

Pictures From the 2020 & 2019
White Marlin Open

This page will serve as the main display for everything captured during the White Marlin Open Fishing tournament in 2020 and 2019 by me (Steve Momot) of AH360 Photography.  I had an absolute blast heading up to Ocean City with Sir’Reel Fishing team to cover the event and it did not let me down from anything I was told beforehand.  I must say, the highlight of this particular tournament seemed to be having Michael Jordan and his Viking Yacht in attendance, although I must say I had seen this boat in Ocean Reef, Florida for the Jimmy Johnson Billfish Classic.

All images are available for use and sale (Especially for Stock Photography), and many images have been cropped for use as wallpaper/backgrounds.  That being said:  AH360 Photography still retains full copyright and we would request that you contact us before copying or using any images.

How Much Does It Cost To Enter The White Marlin Open?

Currently, the starting entry fee for the White Marlin Open is $1,100 per boat if you pay on or before June 1st.  If you pay after June first, it will be $1,400.  For that entry, you are guaranteed to compete for a prize of $50,000.  To receive more in prize money you must enter additional pools of money, also known as Calcuttas. 

How Many Boats Are In The White Marlin Open?

The past few years there have been at least 350 boats fishing in the White Marlin Open.  In 2019 the tournament broke the 400 mark with 406 boats!

Where Are White Marlin Found?

White Marlin are most commonly found in waters deeper than 100m, although this fish still tends to stay near the surface.  The most common region of the world where the White Marlin is found is in the epipelagic zone of the tropical and subtropical Atlantic Ocean.  This is a species of Billfish and is best fished in Warm Surface waters greater than 22 degrees Celcius, usually near Banks, Shoals, and Canyons.

White Marlin Open Photo Gallery 2020

White Marlin Open Photo Gallery 2019

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