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Jarrett Bay "Jaruco"

Photos and Video for the Jarrett Bay Sportfishing Boat “Jaruco” as taken by Sportifshtrader and AH360 Views Photography

Jarrett Bay "Jaruco" Sportfishing Boat Pictures (Sportfishtrader)

Below are the photos taken in Madiera, Portugal on the 90 Foot Jarrett Bay Sportfishing Boat “Jaruco”.  Photos taken by Sportfishtrader and AH360 Photography

Jaruco Jarrett Bay

To the right is a short video of the “Jaruco” taken in Madiera, Portugal.  The scenery for this shoot was abosultly epic and we can’t wait to get back for some more fishing!  The Jaruco is currently in Cabo, Mexico and for sale at $18 Million Dollars!