How To Delete Photos From ICloud

There are a few simple steps to being able to delete photos from ICloud, and these will be illustrated visually in the video above, and the broken down again in written format blow.  If you have any additional questions, please feel free to leave them in the comment section below.

Method #1

Step number one for deleting ICloud photos will be to sign into Icloud, log into your account, and click on photos.  From there,  you simply select the photos you are looking to delete, find the trash can icon that is usually located toward the top of your screen, click it, then confirm you wish to delete your photos.  You have now successfully deleted your selected pictures from ICloud. 

Method #2

The next method for deleting photos from ICloud is by using your Iphone. 

  1. Open your phone apps
  2. Tap into settings
  3. Scroll down to ICloud
  4. Select Photos
  5. Scroll Down To ICloud Photo Sharing
  6. Deselect Photo Sharing and Confirm

All Done!

Method #3

Method number 3 for deletion of pictures from I Cloud will be through using Wondershare SafeEraser (Available at Wondershares Website).  Once you have downloaded and installed the program:

  1. Plug in your device
  2.  Select Express Cleanup (Windows: “One Click Cleanup)
  3. Select Smart Scan

All Done!

How To Delete Photos From Iphone But Not ICloud

Fortunately Apple has left us a few methods for being able to delete the photos from our phone will still keeping them safely stored in the cloud, let’s get into them below:

Turn Off "ICloud Photo Library" on your Iphone

Turning off the Library on your phone will effectively end the link between the photos on your phone and the photos in Icloud, which is the connection that would usually cause one deltion to result in the next.  To do this follow these simple steps:

  1.  Enter your phone and go into your settings app
  2. tap your name and then “Icloud”
  3. then Tap Photos
  4. In the photos page simply turn off the ICloud Library Feature
  5. Now you can go to your albums and delete any photos you desire.

Tip: To turn off iCloud Photo Library on every one of your devices, you can go to “Settings” > “Photos & Camera” > “iCloud Photo Library” to turn it off.


I hope this quick article was able to help you understand the best, and safest, methods for deleting photos from ICloud and your Iphone.


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