How To Put Your 360 Videos And Photos On Social Media

Finally, A Way To Put Your 360 Videos And Photos On Social Media

Hey everybody thanks for finding a channel and thanks for stopping by for today’s video on making 360 videos and photos sharable to upload to social media.  My name is Steve Momot. My company is Ah 360 down in South Florida. My website is Ah360views which is A-h, not the exclamation point or you can check us out on or check me out rather because it’s just me on Ah360views on Instagram. And I have some other things too, but we won’t get into that today.

Why Post 360 Videos And Photos To Social Media?

So, why are you here? You were here because you had- you have probably the same problem I did which is I work with car dealers, I work with a lot of boat dealers; very traditional industry and very traditional people. They have a lot going on. They don’t have time to sit down and innovate and try to figure out you know what’s the next thing if we try something new how does it work. It’s you know we got to sell now, we got to sell now, let’s just use what we know that can sell now. You come along and you have 360s kind of like I did and go, wow this is really neat, but I can’t just hand them a disk right like we’re used to like, oh here’s your images on Dropbox have a nice day, here’s your images on a disk have a nice day. We can’t do that with 360 images because we hand them to people and then they don’t know what to do with them and they load them on Facebook and sometimes they don’t load right or they say, well how do I put this on YouTube and I have a big Instagram following I can’t put this on Instagram I tried to and nothing happens. So, we need to solve kind of two problems right; both being creative and then being kind of like practical and useful.

So I had that problem and I solved it. Let me show you how I think anyway I solved it. I just put this on this particular video I’m going to do I’ll show you how I put this on Facebook and this is kind of where I got the idea to do this video because a lot of people had asked me originally, hey how do you do that when I put it on Instagram and then when I put it on Facebook the first like three responses were, how did you do that, what camera to shoot with. So, I figured a great time to his start explaining how this works. So that’s what we’re doing now so let me show you this video and then I’ll get into how I do it.

Okay, so that’s the video. Right now you can throw that… That’s 30 seconds you can throw that on Instagram or on Twitter. You can put that anywhere you can send it to somebody in your phone okay.  Now if you were looking at that you probably noticed well wait for a second the image I’m looking at now looks really-really clear, but kind of when I looked at that like if you’re not on the phone even that image is going to look a little bit grainy right like maybe 720p-ish. Well, you got to remember, I’m using a phone to do this. Actually, you don’t have to remember because I never told you. So I’m telling you and then you can remember. I’m using the phone to create that. Okay now I could use Adobe Premiere, but it’s a pain and I don’t get that smooth roll. Okay, I’m going to pull the video back up for a second and if you notice I’m getting and I’ll mute this so I can keep talking. If you notice I’m getting like a smooth roll because that’s me. I’m actually screen grabbing from my phone inside of a panoramic image.

Create A Video To Post 360 Images And Movies To Social Media

So, nothing in the image is moving I’m just moving around with my phone through the gyroscopes and creating it from a screen grab okay. I found that when I did this versus when I tried to use Premiere Pro it didn’t work that well like it would just stutter sometimes right or I wouldn’t get the movement perfectly smooth. Now maybe someone else has figured out a better way to do that maybe whatever, but let me tell you something I can do that right there in less than five minutes I can create that okay, with the title, with the music with everything. In under five minutes. If I go into Premiere Pro it’s a much lengthier or at least complex I’m going between the phone and this and any other so I don’t want to do that.

The Process For Creating Video From 360 Photos

So, here’s what I do. Okay, first thing is I have my photos loaded up here okay on  Now yes there’s Kuula, there’s Instagram– I mean there’s Instagram. There’s Kuula, you have YouTube, and you have Facebook. Yes, those are the biggest ones okay. The problem obviously with Facebook and YouTube is it downgrades the quality a little bit so we’ll just knock those out all right. What I find between Kuula and Round Me is the app. Okay, what I like about Round Me is that it has the app, so when I’m using this I like the Round Me app on my phone. It allows me just real simple it doesn’t play any games when I turn upon sideways or vertically or anything like that. It’s a lot less glitchy than trying to use Kuula on the browser on the phone. Okay other than that actually I like Kuula, they’re really doing a lot, they’re trying to do it like for one example I use Medium the blog/website  Okay, and I can’t take anything from around me and put it on there, but Kuula actually has a way that they integrate with Embedly and it allows me to take my 360 images and put them on Medium. I mean that’s amazing okay. It’s really hard to do that with any other application other than Kuula. So, this is why I use Round Me here though okay because I need that’s that simplicity, I need the efficiency on the mobile app.

Screen Record The 360 Virtual Tour Using The Gyroscope To Create A Video

So, I’m going to take this, I’m going to pull up an image okay. Now, this is going to be a boat, but I’m going to pull up an image and let me pull up one that’s a little bit maybe a little bit brighter. No this is kind of dark too. So, I have a boat right so I’m going to pull this up on my phone and then as I move around right- now I’m obviously using your mouse here, but as I move around I’m moving with my phone okay so I’ll start from where I want to center okay and then I’m going to hit “record” on the app and then I’m just going to do whatever it is that I want to do up down whatever and I can make clips out of it and I can be going this way and then do a transition and go back the other way. I can do whatever I want I’m just screen grabbing.

Which Apps Do I Use To Upload 360 Photos And Videos To Social Media

So, what do I use to screen grab? Now there are a couple different screen grabbers. This one gets a three-point-six out of five so I don’t know if that’s great, but let me tell you something it works for me that’s all I’m using it for. I just hit record inside of the Round Me app simple, okay, but it works. Then what happens is you’ll flip up on your screen kind of like this okay. Actually, no, where is it? It’s not here. Oh yes, here we go. So, if you flip up on your home screen, you’re on your main screen, on your phone I don’t know what the proper terminology is for it. I’m not like a mobile expert, but you flip up the bottom here okay and what you’re going to see on the bottom here actually it’s not here, but what you’re going to see on the bottom is you’re going to see a little recording button, but it’s going to be you know how these are aren’t colored it’s going to be like that. So, it’s going to be a recording button, you’re going to hit that and it’s going to countdown three, two, one and then it’s going to start recording. Now it doesn’t always tell me when it’s recording. It doesn’t actually give me like a little bar or anything like that I just know at the end of that countdown it’s recording.

How To Record Your 360 Virtual Tour Photos

So, by the time I go into the app and I start to record, you know I give it probably five or six seconds right. I just want to make sure I know that it’s recording and then that’s when I start and if for whatever reason I stumble or jitter and it goes like this okay I can just start over and I don’t have to stop or have to do anything like that I just create a video clip and now I have a video clip. And most of you have probably edited a video before okay in Premiere Pro or even just a simple phone app, so you know how to do that. So, if you have a long video clip you know how to cut, you know how to do this, that or the other thing.

Which Video App Is Best For 360 Videos

Now, what do I use to try and get the highest quality from it? Okay, LumaFusion. Now, this app is $20 on iPhone okay. I don’t know if they have it for– yes I think they do have it for Android, but I know its $20, okay but it is really good. What I used a lot was the iPhone recording app and it was just kind of limited. I couldn’t do a lot. It didn’t have a lot of music, it didn’t have this that or the other thing okay. This comes with a bunch of royalty-free music; it comes with pretty much everything you could find in Premiere Pro. I mean it’s not that great you can’t do a professional thing on there, but it has so many things that you can do okay.

Now the thing I might have missed actually when I was doing this is when I screen record okay I don’t record vertically I recorded wide angle. Now you might want to record vertically because you’re saying well if I go on Instagram right it’s kind of a vertical platform and if I want to put you know something on you want to put it on Pinterest necessarily, but if I go on Instagram right it’s kind of like a vertical platform. So, the more vertical the images of the video better off I’m going to be. I’ve just found when I did both that between clients and between just people who you know we’re looking at it and commenting and who I asked, they like the wide okay because if you kind of stop and think about it you know what makes this image cool right, it’s that it’s like it’s wide, you’re seeing so much. Now there’s distortion here but you’re seeing so much right you that’s what kind of makes you feel like you’re there; sort of like there’s a peripheral vision. All right if you go vertical and you cut all that off now all you’re basically doing is you have a really nice spin on your phone right almost if you’re standing there with your cell phone that’s what you might as well be doing, standing there with a really smooth panoramic motor or something just spinning around right there’s no difference. So, you want to present that 360 image feel, you want to get that immersive experience and to me, the best way to do that is to keep this wide angle.

Which Video Projection Is Best For Social Media, Wide Or Vertical?

So, you’re going to lose that vertical effect on Instagram, yes you are I’m not going to lie you’re going to lose it, but I just found when I did both that the wide-angle work better, was more popular, okay even with clients that we’re actually paying for work the wisw angle was more popular and hey the people that cut the checks are the ones that make the decisions you know not us so that’s what I did all right and then I used like I said LumaFusion. Now I don’t have the LumaFusion pulled up on the screen, but if you go when you go up here this is how you’ll export when you’re done okay. I don’t think they have the options here, but I’ll tell you the options okay. So, what will happen is that’s the share button and then when you go to “share” you’re going to hit “movie” and from there you can export to Vimeo, you can export to YouTube, you can export directly to your phone, you can export to iCloud drive, wireless network drives, Dropbox Box, Box B-o-x I don’t know what that is, but I guess it’s like maybe like a Dropbox. Google Drive, One Drive, Other App, Airdrop, rendered movies folder, iTunes file share okay so it has all these options and it’s really really smooth.

The other thing that will happen is you will get prompted for quality okay. So, I can take this. Now I believe it’s recorded when its screen grabbed okay it’s actually recording if I’m not mistaken in like a 720p; so it’s not really high-quality right, but I still export it in 1080. All right I don’t know that’s what works for me if you want to keep it at 720 that’s fine, but I export it in 1080 and this actually gives me or the LumaFusion app gives me the opportunity to pick the video quality. So I can go extremely at 50 megabytes per second or it can go all the way down to 3 megabytes per second which I don’t know why you would do that, but whatever who knows. The standard is 24 megabytes per second and that’s the automatic one that it chooses okay which is just normal, but if you want to again up the game, if you have a lot of motion, if it’s a video or something right you want to you want to get that megabytes per second up. So, you have that, you can change the video codec the h.265, you can change the audio quality, the file format, you can go to QuickTime MOV, and you can do all kinds of stuff. It tells you the file size you’re going to need. Let me see if there’s anything else you have framerate, so it’s got frame rates all the way up to 240 frames per second on here all the way down to 18 frames per second. It can export all the way up to 4k and as low as 480p.

So, there’s a lot of options inside the LumaFusion that’s why I use it because I’ve just found that that the screen grabs I get when I do this process have been significantly cleaner and of a higher quality when I’ve used LumaFusion compared to just cutting it from the phone and to the iMovie app because I have iPhone right so just better than the iPhone iMovie app.


So, that’s pretty much it guys um I hope I didn’t go on too long with it, but I hope I also was able to help you guys out and I’m sure you’re going to have some questions. If you do, just leave them in the comment section below. Hopefully, I was able to help you. If I was please leave me a thumbs up. If I somehow deserve a thumbs down I will take it proudly, but hopefully, I was able to help you and if I was please give me a thumbs up and again any questions you have to feel free to submit them in the comment section below and I will answer them as soon as possible. So, good luck guys keep up with 360s and keep growing this movement all right, later.

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