Automotive Photography In 2018- What You Need To Know

Automotive Photography in 2018- What You Need To Know

A Beginners Guide To Automotive Photography

An Automotive Photographer would be anyone who takes pictures within the Automotive industry for the purposes of:

  • Selling Cars
  • Buying Cars (Inspections)
  • Displaying Car Collections
  • Marketing For Automotive Companies (Car Dealers)

Car Photography (Where I Started)

Hey everyone, Steve Momot here, Founder and CEO of My automotive career started when I took a job working for a few friends who bought and sold cars. As the son and son in law of lifelong photographers, it was my natural abilities that got me assigned to this particular task. I quickly learned that like any field of photography there are several layers of the right and wrong way to take pictures of cars. More importantly however, there are multiple ways that pictures of cars can and will be used and if you are not aware of them you won’t be able to serve a wider variety of clients and thereby get more automotive photography jobs!

How Much Do Car Photographers Make?

According to what I was able to find, it appears the average salary for a vehicle photographer in 2018 is $40,000 a year. In this section I have included a visual from Glassdoor where it appears they took a bunch of automotive photographers stated incomes and created an average from them. Before you focus too hard on that $32,000 a year number, it is important to remember that Freelance Photographers are not included in that number and Freelance is where you will find your publication and special event photographers getting paid the big bucks.

How To Make Money In Automotive Photography

The reason I put the money questions first is no accident. If the first question a photographer asks before ever taking a shot is how much money can be made, your chances of success drop dramatically. 

The most important factor in any art must be passion. 

Passion is what drives you to learn. Passion is what drives you to innovate even when your images are already unique. But the biggest reason you must have passion is because it’s the only thing that will get you through the initial period of your career when no one cares what or how you shoot. 

You can test your passion the same way I do, by always asking if my images are as good as they can be. The day that I am fully satisfied is the day I stop looking to improve, and that my friends is the day photography becomes just a job

Types Of Automotive Photography

  • Sales (Dealerships or Car Makers)
  • Event (Racing, Car Shows, Car meets)
  • Stock Photos (Automotive third-party companies, Publications, Etc)

How Do I Get Into Car Photography?

There are one of several ways to become a car or automotive photographer, let me list a few:

  • Apply on job sites like Indeed, Linkedin, and even Glassdoor.
  • Apply to one of the largest car photography companies in the US (Car Data)
  • Bust your butt walking into showrooms, sending out emails, and working freelance.
  • Post your work with a blog, YouTube Channel or a website.

What to consider when lookinf for Photo Shoots/Jobs

Anyone of these ways will get your photos in your demo reel and excellent experience, moreover, they will help you connect with people in the industry which is THE most important factor for growth in Automotive and Photography in general. 

The decision to start via a posted job or going freelance is going to depend largely on your ability to not have an income for awhile or work in your free time. However take note that in the photography business, clients (Even the non-paying ones) want their work 5 minutes in the past! So, if you work part-time, either make sure you can deliver product quickly or that everything is laid out for your clients up front so their expectations match your abilities.

Dealership Photography (Inventory Photos)

To be a car dealership photographer you must answer their biggest question, “How does this help me sell cars THIS MONTH?”. Listing photos may be boring, but they answer that question better than anything else the dealers understand.

What worked for me at the dealership

For me, 360 interior Virtual Tours were a great value prop. The problem I discovered real quick is that they were cool enough to get me in the door, but not cool enough to make anyone part with their money. Once I learned (For them) how they could use the images to make better ads, I started to get some money coming in. So, whatever unique ability you have, just make sure it can translate into car sales. If it can’t, then take the time to learn on your own how it can and be able to show that with real figures (Facebook ads, etc).

Car Dealership Photographer Pay

Hourly Rates or Salaries are going to vary if you plan to photograph inventory for a car dealership or dealerships.  Some dealerships will sell high-end vehicles and require very high-quality inventory style shots while also mixing in some Stock type images for their listings.  

A 300K car needs to look cool!

  • Standard Car Dealership Rates- $10-$16 Per Hours
  • High-End Cars- (Photo Shoot Rates $100-$200 per car

The Car Dealer down the street is going to be about volume and your specialty dealership or car collector is going to be focused on quality.  So with regular dealers, you get the “Kid out of college” rate whereas the luxury vehicles will be billed/shot at whatever your skill level would demand as a photographer (In a general sense).  Meaning- Forget that it’s a car and charge for your time.

Car Photography Tips (Just A Few For Now)

Know the Best Angles For Each Car

1. Head On: 

There are going to be cars that are going to look amazing from head-on, or from the front of the car.  Some vehicles have an amazing presence with a very impressive “Grill” design, however, others do not.  If you can’t make it look good, don’t take those pictures and maybe instead take pictures of the front at different angles.  If that doesn’t work, move on to the quarter panel because it will/should show enough of the front of the vehicle for any client or viewer.

2. Quarter Angle:

This, for most car photographers, is the money shot because this is where you get most of the car.  Again, exactly where you position yourself will depend on the vehicle.  You could be more toward the front or shift more toward the side.  If you are unsure, shoot a variety and look back on it later.  (Always better to have more than less).

-Extra Tip:  Always make sure the rim (Wheel) is facing toward the lens (You).  Rims today are a staple of quality cars, even standard cars you buy at the local dealership, so a pictures showing a tire pattern simply won’t do your photos any justice and it will probably upset your client!

3. Attention To Detail:

Cars have certain aspects that are signature to their particular model or brand.  Take for example the Lamborghini logo, or the Bentley “Flying B”.  Don’t be afraid to focus on it by getting up close and personal.  Get your aperture wide open and blur the background, make it pop.  In this case, don’t worry about the car, people will know what it is when they see unmistakeable features.

4.  Blur and Shutter Speed (Moving Photos)

You have probably seen the moving photographs of cars where the vehicle is sharp as it drives but the road and background are blurry.  Most photographers know how to create that effect, but how many are actually doing it correctly?  And yes- There is a correct, or at least a, “More Correct Way” to do it.

Typically you want to keep your shutter speed between 1/60 and 1/25.  Why?  Because you want to create a blur without creating too much blur that makes the picture more artistic than realistic.  

Remember-  The goal of a picture, and especially if you are shooting for a dealership or some sort of business client, is to let someone see the vehicle as they would if they were where you are.  “Appealing to the eye” is the go-to terminology here.  Blurring out the background is natural for our eyes to perceive, but not to the point that all you can make out is the car.

The exception:  A ton of blur is just plain COOL!  So, if you dip down below 1/60 you are going to get some really neat stuff.  Weather it’s usable for your client?  That’s between you and the client!

Shoot, Shoot, Shoot!

The final tip for this article is going to be to get out there and take photos.  Shoot for free, call dealers and ask to shoot their cars, go to a car show.  The more you shoot, and the more varieties of cars you get to photograph, are going to make you a better car photographer than any blog post or video.

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